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small electric appliance manufacturer in China

The best small electric appliance application solution, at a lower factory price than other manufacturers in China.

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24/7 Online Support

Gomuco is always online here to support you and your business.

Competitive Price

Get the better factory price to reduce your costs.

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Many years of export experience, safe and on time.

Your best small electric applications manufacturer in China

As a leading manufacturer of small electric applications, Gomuco has extensive experience in designing, developing and manufacturing mini fans, humidifiers, air purifiers, soap dispensers, and aroma diffuser. We offer very competitive factory prices that can shrink your cost. We have a professional and efficient marketing team that will handle the transformation of all your ideas into the products you need. Fast quotes and 24/7 online support for your business, whether you are already a customer or not.

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Gomuco Will Provide You Best CE Application Solution

handheld portale mini fan

Mini Fans

Mini fans have always been a favorite product of brand distributors and retailers, with competitive prices suitable for promotions and as gifts.

LED Display Air Purifier

Air Purifier

Air quality has always been a primary concern for mankind, and air purifiers are well positioned to detect ambient air and improve the problem.

Sensor portable humidifier


Humidifiers are able to control the ambient air humidity at 45%-60%, a healthy range that is beneficial to the human body. Conversely, it can be harmful to human health and cause disease.

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Manufacturer

Soap Dispenser

The hands-free soap dispenser is automatically converts hand soap into foam for use in public places to avoid cross-touching and bringing bacteria and viruses. Safe and secure.

Sourcing small appliance Application Solution from Gomuco

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Most brands look to factories to fulfill their customized product needs, to expand their product lines, and promotions.

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Sellers on Amazon, lazada and some retail sites are very interested in our products and have a high repurchase rate.

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They have several offline brick-and-mortar stores or well-established sales channels, and there is a large demand for purchases every year.

6 Key Reasons Why Buy
small appliance products From Gomuco

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Experienced In Industry

5 years of experience in the consumer electronics industry, providing hot product options for Amazon and brand sellers.

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Full Solutions

We offer industry analysis, designing, sampling, manufacturing, QA, logistic, Keep advising not just manufacturing.

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All Customer Served

Have experiences work with both end-user and trading company, understand the difference between clients and user.

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No Distance Service

Visit and joining shows in Europe & USA 2-3 times a year, 24/7 service, also easily face to face meeting, fast feedback.

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Market Focus

Our market is mainly Europe & USA, we understand the local culture and policies in consumer electronics business.

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Continuous Development

We offer continuous consumer electronics development and support, keep update your new idea, commit an upgrade service.

Consult Your small appliance Experts

We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your small appliances need, on-time and on-budget.

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