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  • We, Gomuco offer very competitive factory prices for quiet hair dryer.
  • Extensive experience in quiet blow dryers, especially hair dryers for pet and kids.
  • Professional team specializing in high-speed hair dryers.
  • Customization, mold, logo, sticker, and packaging according to customer requirements.
  • Best solution based on project.
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Quiet Hair Dryer

High Speed | Million Negative Ions | Cold and Hot Air

The quiet hair dryer offered by Gomuco is a remarkable product with outstanding features. Designed with NTC 100/sec intelligent temperature detection and built-in overheating protection, it ensures a safe and controlled drying experience. With a powerful airflow speed of 23 meters per second and a 2mm narrow air outlet for concentrated airflow, it delivers strong and efficient performance. The hair dryer is equipped with 45 air inlets, allowing for enhanced air intake and optimal airflow circulation.

One of its remarkable characteristics is its quiet structure, operating at a noise level lower than 56 decibels. This ensures a peaceful and undisturbed environment during use. Additionally, the hair dryer incorporates 200 million negative ions to provide hair with a smooth, frizz-free, and static-free finish.

Powered by an advanced 110,000 RPM brushless motor, it utilizes a 13-blade aerospace-grade impeller for efficient and comfortable operation. The magnetic attachment nozzle adds convenience, while the flame-retardant PC material with a reinforced nano-coating and matte texture ensures durability, an anti-slip grip, and fingerprint resistance. The bottom of the hair dryer features a 0.2mm metal mesh filter, preventing hair from being sucked in and facilitating easy cleaning of dust and debris.

Experience the exceptional performance and quality of Gomuco’s quiet hair dryer, crafted with precision and innovation.

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Boost Your Company With Custom Vertical Standing Hairdryer

Vertical Standing Hairdryer Color

Gomuco wholesale vertical hair dryers are available in regular white, pink and orange. Some distributors will use their brand colors or company theme colors to highlight their brand in the eyes of people . Whichever color you choose, you can advertise your business with an eye-catching label, embossing or laser. In addition, important product information can be displayed by printing directly on the hair dryer.

Vertical Standing Hairdryer Voltage

Gomuco vertical hair dryers are usually used in the AC220V voltage range, which is suitable for household voltage in most countries around the world. We also customize different voltages according to your location, such as AC100-277V in the United States and AC200-240V in Europe, to meet the different needs of people in each region.

Vertical Standing Hairdryer Shapes

Our custom solutions include the creation of blowers in a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure they fit your target market.

Vertical Standing Hairdryer Power Plug & Wire

We have a large selection of plugs and cords that are compatible with hair dryers. This category includes, Euro, US, Australian and other plugs and wires required by various markets with varying degrees of compatibility.

Quality Gomuco Vertical Standing Hairdryer for Kids Uses

Gomuco stand hair dryer is one of the most durable hair dryers on the market with a very seasonal design. These items are made from recyclable materials and have no negative impact on the environment.

Our hair dryers are offered at the most competitive prices and all our items are CE, FCC and SGS certified. We use screen printing and oil spraying methods to manufacture our hair dryers.

Best In Vertical Standing Hairdryer Factory

Best In Vertical Standing Hairdryer Factory

At Gomuco, we have in-house modern production technology that is what allows us to develop high quality alternatives that appeal to your target market. As a manufacturer or supplier, you can rely on our streamlined production technology to provide the best blowers on the market.

As one of the best-equipped hair dryer manufacturers, we are able to offer the highest quality vertical hair dryers at significantly lower prices. Our facilities are built using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure efficient manufacturing of high quality hair dryers. This also enables us to produce a large number of products in a short period of time.

Customer-based Vertical Standing Hairdryer Designs

Another wonderful advantage that makes us a superior choice as a hair dryer manufacturer is our ability to customize the design of any hair dryer. For a unique hair dryer, we have a large selection of traditional and unique designs to choose from.

In addition, our hair dryer manufacturer R&D team can develop a custom design of your choice and incorporate it into a stand-up hair dryer. Adding a personalized design can provide a unique look to your hair dryer and make your product more marketable.

handfree vertical standing hairdryer

Why Pick Gomuco Vertical Standing Hairdryer?

Package Design From Concept To Commercialization

Our team of design professionals handle packaging and design solutions from start to finish, providing a full range of packaging services. They work with you to create the best hair dryer design for your product by combining product design and visual branding. Matching plugs, cables and packaging artwork are also available.

Turnkey Decorating & Labeling

Our professional wholesale hair dryer R&D and design teams work together to make innovative ideas a reality. They use a range of artistic techniques, such as surface painting treatments, to create blowers that stand out in the marketplace and pique the interest of your target demographic.

Streamlined Electronic Parts Supply Chain

By manufacturing most parts in-house, we shorten the often lengthy manufacturing supply chain. To reduce missing or defective parts, buttons, control panels and other accessories are made on site. This also saves time and money throughout the production process by reducing shipping times between warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and Inventory Solutions

We assist in inventory management by utilizing our order system and delivery methods. The minimum order size for items is 100 units and products are delivered on schedule to ensure that orders are fulfilled. We also manage warehousing and logistics to ensure that commonly used products are always in stock and ready for shipment.

Buy Vertical Standing Hairdryer in Bulk

Bulk blowers from Gomuco are fully customizable, as we also aim to provide our customers with the ultimate customer experience. We can modify the size, shape, color, voltage, etc.

We encourage you to browse through all of our small appliances and if you can’t find what you need, please send us a message today. We would be happy to work with you in order to create the best design for your small appliances that will enhance your company’s brand!

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We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your hair dryer need, on-time and on-budget.

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